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Tasting with a Twist: Witches love Bubbles

Witches Love Bubbles

Witches Love Bubbles

As you may have guessed from our wee poster here above,for our next tastings we will brush off our brooms, don our witch hats and give our self over to the super natural powers that be – in the wine and in our lives. We are lucky enough to pair with the fabulous psychic Natasha who will guide us through the cosmic universal powers whilst we taste some exquisite biodynamic sparkling wine.

Biodynamic viticulture is still in nappies, even if it follows century old principles; the “chemical” agricultural revolution in the 1970’s did away with most of those principles and replaced the natural preparations with chemical ones. However, as they saw their soils erode in front of their eyes, some winegrowers started to look for an alternative way of farming. On their journey they often approached organic vineyard management before they converted to biodynamic farming, which is more focused on healing and revitalizing the Earth.

In Champagne, as in most marginal wine growing regions, farming biodynamically is not the easiest way of working. Yet there is a small group of people who have set the example and are producing vibrant, almost electric wines. We will taste the wines of several of these pioneers whilst we ponder on this way of working in balance with the universe.

It is maybe interesting to note that 300 years ago the bubbles and exploding bottles were displayed as the devil’s wine, and the Champagne makers were sorcerers. Today biodynamic farming is still sometimes seen as a form of witchcraft; the preparations often reminiscent of the magic potions of the 19th century.

To understand biodynamic wine we need to explore a few basic universal principles. Our super “witch” Natasha will assist us in this journey by giving us examples of universal forces in our personal lives – eg how we are affected by movements in the solar system. We will then explore these movements and forces in the world of the vine & cellar through to our glass. It is a fact that biodynamic wines generally are amazingly vibrant and electric – and they seem to speak to us in a magical universal way.

We will also explore how these sparking wines interact with our cosmic appetizers and work to bring us together as a group the night of the tasting.

So witches and sorcerers in Geneva, program your brooms to take you to Terroirific on April the 8th to explore the magic of the universe in a bubbly way! Our tasting is limited to 20 people so book your space here

Looking forward to be seeing you just before the new moon in April!


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