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Tastings with a Twist:Eyes Wide Shut Geneva

What is bubbles + appetizers +blind tasting + philosophy? Tasting with a Twist – Eyes Wide Shut!

It of course also was the last movie the brilliant Stanley Kubrick ever made, it proved to be the end of Nicole and Tom’s marriage, and Warner Bross had to digitally edit the movie to have it screened in Cinemas across the US. But if you think this sounds pretty gloomy, check again as the movie made 162 million dollars as well as attaining cult status

Anyway we have picked this title to to describe a tasting which is all about pure indulgence.

With our special Guest, Cain Todd, philosopher and author of the great book “The Philosophy of Wine. A case of Truth, beauty and Intoxication” we will explore how our different senses allow us to experience sparkling wine in a different way.

We generally taste with our eyes and ears more than with our nose and tongue – but what happens if we cannot see any more? Do we still like what we always did or do we like different things? Well this is what we hope to discover when we temporarily take our guests vision away by a blindfold and let them taste a few sparkling wines in the dark and in silence; we will then taste the same wines again knowing what they are and compare notes and taste, smell and texture.

Among the wines we will taste we will have some big name and smaller name Champagne, Cava and Prosecco.

Join us in this unusual discovery journey of your senses and see what sparkling wine really makes your heart skip a beat! We have opted for magnum bottles again as we believe the magic of the bubbles works soooo much better when poured from magnum!

Spaces are once again limited to 20, so book your ticket here. More info can also be found on this page and we will release the full wine list shortly.

In the mean time we hope you get geared up for this cult tasting!


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